Our Team

Jahon, our Co-Founder: Jahon is the general manager of a leading independent automotive group in Boston. Prior to returning to the auto industry, Jahon picked up a BA and MA at Johns Hopkins and spent a few years with the U.S. Department of Defense. When not at work, you might find Jahon honing his amateur culinary skills or at home helping his better half chase their two adventurous kids.

Ben, our Co-Founder & VP of Sales/Marketing: Ben is an automotive finance director/extraordinaire in Boston, and studied Business at Bentley University. A second generation car dealer, Ben has held nearly every position in the auto industry. While Ben’s focus is now on transforming the auto industry, he still hopes to one day master Augusta National.

Jamie, our Co-Founder & CFO: Jamie works in management consulting when he is not moonlighting as an entrepreneur. He lives in Washington, DC with his wife and his dog, Lincoln. He has spent enough time in school (BA, MA, and MBA) and in corporate America to realize that he is tired of wearing a tie.

FarShore Ventures: FarShore Ventures partners with high-impact entrepreneurs and teams, and enables them to pursue their businesses. FarShore is an equity partner in CatchMyCar and provides technical development and expertise to CatchMyCar.


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